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​Sun Song Productions Inc., based in New York, New York, has become an iconic force in the entertainment industry, with a rich history spanning over 40 years primarily in East Coast markets. It has helped to nurture and enhance the careers of major artists and has been entrusted with promoting major events by managers who want only the best for their artists. ​Our team of office management, accounting and production staff provide a complete interface across the entire spectrum of services required for successfully producing and promoting entertainment events.

We're conveniently located in vibrant and historical Harlem.   Dining establishments, cultural sites and theaters are within walking distance.See "Contact" for a map , address and phone number.


All  tickets for show  are available for purchase through Ticket Master,  at the door or  other announced venues.

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Sun Song Productions

      Anthony Hamilton


April 28, 2016 PNC Center

April 29, 2016 Madison Square Garden

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