Sun Song Productions was founded in 1976 by Mr. Jesse Boseman. As an African American he learned the business and technical side of the entertainment industry during a time in which opportunities were few, but dedication and talent were ultimately acknowledged and rewarded. His career in the entertainment industry began as a young man working for Harold Becker Productions (New York, NY) as a grip, gaffer, Assistant Cameraman and the Production Manager.  He then joined the historic New Lafayette Theater in Harlem from 1972-1975 as a production manager and photo-technician. During this time he developed a passion for being part of the team that is responsible for bringing an entertainment event to reality.

This passion lead to the creation of Sun Song Productions.  As a start-up, this one-man company quickly gained a following among local artists. Sun Song became known for being able to respond to not only the needs of the artists, but ascertaining what the market wanted. The ability to know the market and present the right artist in a market became the hallmark of Sun Song Productions.

Critically important to the launch of Sun Song was the tidal wave of musical talent in the 1980s and 1990s, most of it raw and untrained, but electrifyingly natural. The American music scene had rarely witnessed such a pool of musical artists reaching across the diversity of America through presenting life, love and the times through an urban voice. 

During this time, Mr. Boseman also was a co-founder of the nationally known and historically significant Black Expo during 1989-2004.  Mr. Boseman brought to this series of economic-social events the same skills used in music production. Most importantly the use of corporate sponsorships relevant to each market was at the heart of the long-running Black Expo.

Sun Song Productions has been involved with the following artists and events.

  • Teddy Pendergrass
  •  Jay Z
  • Rick James
  • Beyoncé
  • Prince - 1st Tour
  • Budweiser Superfest -15 years
  • Luther Vandross
  • Nelson Mandela Welcoming Committee  1990
  • Michael Jackson
  • Lionel Richie
  • Jackson Victory Tour
  • Black Expo  USA 1989-2008
  • Janet Jackson
  • Usher
  • Marvin Gaye
  • Chris Brown
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Kayane West

  • R. Kelly
  • Earth, Wind and Fire

​​Sun Song has grown from a one-man enterprise to a dynamic team.  Rarely has any promotion company retained such a high level of recognition, trust and acknowledgement spanning several generations of artists, providing analysis and instinctive assessment of styles, trends and interests in East Coast promotional markets.

Sun Song Productions currently specializes in consulting and marketing. Despite the dynamic changes and new forces shaping the music promotion business Sun Song Productions has remained a vital part of the industry. 

JESSE BOSEMAN: Founder, President & CEO

Mr. Boseman, known as "JB" , is a life-long New Yorker, known  throughout the entertainment industry for promotions dating back 40 years. He is a trailblazer , opening doors for both new artists and aspiring promoters. He  is  also involved in volunteering for  many causes that make a positive difference locally, nationally and internationally. See "History" for more information about Mr. Boseman.



Director  of Operations

Mary has been with our company almost from its beginning. Mary takes care of day-to-day operations. She is the person who holds us all together - a professional with a personal touch. 

Concert and Event Promotions


Stan is our controller who has many years of experience in entertainment and business accounting.   He works   with many other well known personalities in multiple ventures.

Sun Song Productions


Dr. Latham has served as a consultant and advisor for many years.